Motorrad Treff Lügde Köterberg

That's why I ride a motorcycle

A dream that few understand:


I bought a motorcycle to make a dream come true. One day, when I can no longer walk myself, this motorcycle will be in my garage as the crowning glory of my fondest memories!


I met people, brothers and sisters in spirit and also met people whom I quickly forgot….


I got wet ... to the bone

I was freezing

I was warm ... sometimes too warm

I was afraid,

I fell,

I hurt myself too

I kept getting up!


I drove off while my demons fought hard within me and came back with the most peaceful thoughts imaginable.


I was and am aware of the dangers of the motorcycle, always knowing that courage means facing one's demons and sometimes being afraid, always trusting the inner voice. Sometimes the asphalt burns, sometimes you pick flowers ...


Nevertheless: every time I climb the saddle, I have to smile happily….


I also laughed like a madman under my helmet, talking to myself, hundreds of times.

Encouraged me, criticized me, scolded me…. and others…

I sang and roared, screamed for joy and sometimes I cried too.

I saw wonderful places, experienced wonderfully beautiful things, friendship, helpfulness and also things that I didn't want to experience, where there is light, there is also shadow….


I drove through curves that even a Valentino would have nodded appreciatively and then again curves, OMG, how embarrassing ...


I often stopped to look at the most wonderful landscapes

spoke to complete strangers, forgetting others I saw every day ...


I stopped communicating with people who already lack any understanding of my hobby and who will never understand it. To do this, I learned to use gestures to communicate with complete strangers - those who understand all of this ...


I gave and spend money that I don't really have, forego other things that can't give me what my motorcycle gives me anyway.


It is less of a means of transport than a part of my soul, my attitude towards life ... It does not transport my body from A to B, but takes my soul on a journey. The way is the goal, the goal is just one reason to get there, rarely on the direct, shortest route.


If someone says to me, "Sell your bike, finally grow up!" Then I don't go into it and just smile quietly to myself ... Only bikers understand that ...


It sounds like a swan song ... like a résumé at the end of the road ...


Far from it, the journey and the adventure continue !! Until it is no longer possible, memories of great people and wonderful, as well as wondrous experiences remain ...


May my friends' guardian angels always be in top form, as are their motorcycles!



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